Thursday, 30 June 2016

Award for best ward wear

Dear Patient 125,

Be present for your ward ware examination on Saturday- wear your heart on your sleeve and you could WIN a DVD of Lips of Blood- a classic erotic horror film from Redemption films with Vampire Nurses to haunt your dreams. Let your madness drive your creation and be in for a chance to WIN!

Head Nurse

Cynth Icorn

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

New specialist equipment!

Patient 125,

Despite NHS Cuts our underground clinic has an exciting new acquisition- a medical gurney. This gurney is complete with bars, tilting and wheels. Perfect for in depth experimentation-  join us for our ward rounds on Saturday and get your hands on our state of the art renal beds, a proctology table, a traction table and ward beds. Our nurses will also be on hand until 10.30 offering vacbed therapy and violet wand treatment. After 10.30 the wards will be abandoned for you to explore and experiment in yourselves.

Your Cure is waiting

Psycho Ward Saturday July 2nd

-Cynth Icorn
Head Nurse

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Step into our Immersive Clinic

Patient 125,

Whether this is remedial treatment or your first session please be advised to arrive early next Saturday for your appointment- Our nurses will be giving one on one appointments between 20.30- 22.30hrs . Check in with our receptionist and step into our house of healing- our team of dedicated specialists will be on hand to provide a through examination and follow up treatment. Our wards are equipped with Violet wands, a vacbed, renal beds, a proctology table, a traction table and ward beds will be at your disposal for emergency invasive therapy throughout the night.
Obey the nurses and you just might get your medication 

Head Nurse Cynth Icorn

Research Weekend Itinerary

Dear Students,

Your itinerary for your medical weekend of immersion is as follows, be sure to check in for your examination on Saturday at Psycho Ward for a through examination with hands on experimentation and live dissection.

Friday night- Pain lecture at the Wellcome collection

Saturday day time- Explore London's medical museums

Saturday 8pm- late PSYCHO WARD 

Party on at Slime Light open til -7.30am

Sunday- London Alternative Market

Please share your research findings with the ward

Head Nurse

Sister Cynth Icorn

DJ Kohl's Phonic lab.

Patient 125,

We know what's best for you at Psycho Ward July 2nd, come and join London's most experimental underground lab with goth, rock and alt tunes. Phonic specialist DJ Kohl comes from a new breed of underground DJs, bringing dancefloor-igniting records with an unforgettable stage presence to the Industrial, Fetish and Harder dance scenes

A resident of the underground dance event 'Sinistry' in London, which is synonymous with London's longest running industrial club 'Slimelight'. Kohl will definitely be sticking around the underground scene - doing what he does best; working decks to rock the party.

Move your muscles at Psycho Ward- its doctor's orders.

-Head Nurse Cynth Icorn

Monday, 20 June 2016

Audio Therapy- DJ Darkstar

Dear Paitent 125,

This is you appointment to the audio therapy unit at Psycho Ward July 2nd with DJ Darkstar.

DJ DARKSTAR is the occult, shape-shifting Prince of Darkness whose audio art is inspired by the grotesque, the violent and the chaotic.

Specializing with experimentation in the combining the elements of gothic; industrial; dark electro; aggrotech and EBM mixed with dubstep and DnB, Darkstar produces sounds and beats that will unleash the beast within the breast of all the lunatics within the asylum.

The Serpent spoke this unto me through gilded light and lunacy.

Taking up residence at Psycho Ward for the second time, DARKSTAR brings us a specially designed and mixed set, unique to the theme of the night, titled ‘Shattered Memories.'

Come close and feel the mania at Psycho Ward July 2nd- your cure is waiting. 

Head Nurse Cynth Icorn

Friday, 10 June 2016

Sophia Disgrace

Dear Patient 125,

Come and witness the insane and the bizarre for your viewing pleasure at the Psycho Ward operating theatre July 2nd as Sophia Disgrace will be disrobing and letting go the strings of sanity as she descends into perversion in her performance Le Chien.

 The barriers between animal and human blur as glitter and bodily fluids clash do not miss this mania! 

Come and celebrate your sickness
Psycho Ward July 2nd 

Head Nurse Cynth Icorn

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Nurse Aima Indigo

Dear patient 125,

You are invited to join us in our house of healing to celebrate your sickness- and it doesn't get much sicker than perverse Nurse Aima Indigo- a high intensity performer pumped to cartoon levels. You better take your medicine- Aima will be demonstrating her unique brand of therapy in our operating theatre July 2nd. Her proffesional credentials have sent her across the globe and have seen her model for Jean Paul Gaultier. 

Come close and feel the mania at Psycho Ward July 2nd- your cure is waiting. 

Head Nurse Cynth Icorn