Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Audio therapy by DJ Kohl and Dr Darkstar

Dear Patient 125,

Join us to get your pulse racing at the Blood Ball on Friday night at Psycho Ward with goth, rock and industrial beats from DJ Kohl and DJ Darkstar. Dr Kohl  has previously played Download, Infest, Resistanz, Slimelight and Sexhibition.

DJ DARKSTAR uses his sets and mixes as a ritualistic manifestation of chaos. Blending the genres of gothic; industrial; dark electro; hardstyle and aggrotech into a deranged psychotropic cocktail of for audio therapy.

Join us on Friday to fight sickness with sickness

Head nurse
 Cynth Icorn

Friday, 22 September 2017

Luca Federici- Passages

Dear Patient 125,

Luca Federici will be performing Passages in our operating theatre at Psycho Ward Blood Ball.  

'In the recent years, by using actions, I am attempting to give aesthetic value to some experiences that have affected my life, such as BDSM activities and Catholic religion. As Italian, I was raised with Catholic education, often surrounded by people who talked about miracles, martyrdom, punishment to find joy and peace. All this has probably influenced me and my art.
I also believe in pain and sacrifice. I see them as a way to overcome my limits psycho-physic and fears and, moreover, establish a deep contact with myself since they enable me to touch feelings and emotions that I could not reach without submitting to the pain.'

Come and join us to dissect this visceral performance at Resistance Gallery 29th of October. 

Cynth Icorn
Head Nurse of Psycho Ward

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Auto-Lover Installation

Dear Patient 125,

When you step into the wards on September 29th you will be invited to experience Charlotte CHW's installation Auto-Lover as part of our immersive abandoned wards. Auto-Lover is macabre and playful in equal measure, lay down upon the bed and leave yourself in its hands and watch it come to life with Charlotte's exciting live art performance.

Don't miss your invitation- your cure is waiting
Head Nurse Cynth Icorn

Thursday, 7 September 2017

New specialist equipment- Isolation tent

Dear Patient 125,

The reports are back and your sickness is contagious. Come to Psycho Ward on September 29th and be treated in our new Isolation Tent for in depth medical inspections.  We will have our team of specialist nurses on hand to see you through your fever dreams from 21.00-23.00hrs.

Come and be cured at Psycho Ward- September 29th.
Cynth Icorn
Head Nurse of Psycho Ward