Monday, 28 September 2015

Have you made your appointment ......

...... to see the doctor? 
October 9th for the next surgery.

While you can enjoy our trailer, we recommend you come and joining us for some real medical benefit.

Join DJ Kohl's phonic lab

Dear Paitent 125,

DJ Kohl will be playing alongside Heleness at Psycho Ward October 9th bringing you dark industrial tunes for your physiotherapy. Kohl's origins lay in the London industrial scene, where he got his first delicious taste of dark and underground dance music spending his time transfixed by the twisted mechanical sounds. From here he branched into the hard dance scene and thats when he first started DJing- now he has played at institutions such as Slimelight, Download Festival, Antichrist and Resistanz Festival.

Move your muscles at Psycho Ward- its doctor's orders.

Your appointment is October 9th 20.00hrs-02.00hrs
Matron Cynth Icorn
Head of Psycho Ward

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Audio therapy with Heleness

October 9th stretch your limbs in our physiotherapy clinic with audio by Heleness. As the night gets dark get ready for music from the wards to move your muscles to.

Heleness is a DJ born of a mental breakthrough, bringing fierceness to the art of mixing music, with her tune selection and seamless versatility. Carefree and refreshingly gutsy, with enough energy to fuel a five-day bender, Heleness brings to you blistering, punchy breakbeats and DnB, tribally techno, hypnotic tech house, sleazily grinding electro, to more mellow deep house and tropical Afro and Balearic beats. Now surrounded by the wildest people in the city, Heleness has become a regular fixture in London's alternative scene, becoming the soundtrack to fun.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Clinic admittance

Dear Patient 125,

I am pleased to confirm your admittance to the Psycho Ward on October 9th- please be aware that the intensive therapy clinic will be open between 20.30 and 22.30. During these hours our nurses will be seeing individual patients for tests, diagnosis and treatment.

All treatment is a matter of trust- though the more you give yourself over to our progressive program the more you will get out of your induction to the Psycho Ward.

Be ready for group therapy but beware this is no sharing circle- the nurses have new experimental treatments on offer- Vacbeds, violet wands, restraint and vibrotherapy.

This surgery will focus on the treatment of Alcholism, Nymphomania, Insomnia, Perversity, Saint Vitus Dance and Insanity.
Do not miss your appointment- this therapy is vital.

Matron Cynth Icorn

Head of Psycho Ward

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Bliss- Self Suspension Shibari

Dear Patient 125,

 Please be aware at your next session, October 9th, International rope model and performance artist Bliss will be releasing her inner daemons as she performs her shibari self suspension. Step into the operating theatre and witness the transformation fas her manias wrap around her. 

Diagnosis- Bliss exhibits sever fetishism in relation to rope and bondage- her sexual perversions are pronounced and dangerous. Please note nurses will be on stand by throughout with sedatives. Do not miss your appointment- October 9th Psycho Ward, Resistance Gallery 20.00hrs-02.00hrs Matron Cynth Icorn Head of Psycho Ward

Friday, 11 September 2015

Are you ready for your treatment?

How will you respond to the treatment????

Surrender to the treatment

Next Psycho Ward - 9th October 2015

Your well being is important to us

October 9th > Next Psycho Ward

8.00 > 10.00 Immersive treatment operating theater
10.00 >10.30 Exclusive medical cabaret performances
10.30 >2.00 Physical dance therapy with our DJ's

Meet Matron and some of her team

MATRON:  "Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us"

TRIAGE: "If I stay too long in here, I begin killing more patients than I save."

CRANIAL: "Electricity is just organised lightning"

NURSE 14: "Some live, some die .... it leaves scars in my head"


While patient care is a priority,  in the dramatic hustle and bustle of the event operating theatre we have to admit accidents do happen. Please be aware.


As a rule patients tend to find their treatment at PSYCHO WARD beneficial. They may at first resist being forced into inconvinient and exposed positions and their protestations are soon overwhelmed with medication allowing the staff to administer their invasive approaches to both mind and body.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER - PLEASE BE AWARE: On arrival at Psycho Ward reception all guests must sign a legal rights waiver that allows the staff to administer whatever medical treatment or medication no matter how invasive, innapropriate or uncomfortable that they may deem appropriate without any recourse.

You Need Treatment

Have you made your appointment for treatment at the next PSYCHO WARD evening of immersive psychofetishism