Sunday, 18 November 2018

Perverse Nurse- Miss Sensation

Dear Patient 125,

Come for your appointment at Psycho Ward November 30th and our perverse Nurses will be on hand to offer you treatments from 21.00-22.30.

Nurse Sensation and Nurse Wolfe are here to administer to your sickness. Attracting worldwide clientele the sensual Miss Sensation is best known in the fetish world as the vac queen from the iconic Rubber Cult. With her own show Fetish Flash she is also a performer, gives private sessions, models, provides styling, personal shopping & kink empowerment coaching to empower us to play & explore our deepest desires to live a happy, balanced & fulfilling life. Fetish flash can be tuned into on here and is live on Friday at 4pm.

Buy your tickets now for a night of medical mania at Psycho Ward.
Cynth Icorn
Head Nurse

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