Thursday, 11 August 2016

Patient Reviews

We love reading your patient reviews-
'Psychoward, a fantastic medical themed fetish club, organised and hosted by the beautiful and all round talented Cynth Icorn, and what a morbidly interesting and entertaining establishment it is. Offering a broad alternative dress code with an open mind and infectious friendly atmosphere.' - Yvette at Jed Pheonix 

' While in theory a medical fetish night has the potential to be a bit daunting and intense, in reality it was tongue in cheek and intimate. Everyone was so friendly, especially host Cynth Icorn, and it was actually one of the most comfortable atmospheres I’ve experienced at an event like that....The venue, Resistance Gallery, is tiny, but perfect for a night like Psycho Ward. It’s dark and atmospheric, with clear plastic sheeting adorned with creepy words written in ‘blood’ giving the feel of an abandoned asylum.'
-Girl at the Rock Show 

Join us to unleash your manias at Psycho Ward September 23rd
This is your appointment for shock therapy.
Head Nurse Cynth Icorn

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