Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Neo Fung and Peach Performance

Dear Patient 125,
Neo Fung and Peach will be released into the wards at Psycho Ward Fever Dream Nov 30th. Their insanity is infectious. Come and join us and witness the outbreak, this incredible duo fresh from the Faecal Matter Catwalk will be drawing you into strange happenings at Psycho Ward. 'The Fung-oid beast hid the foot of monstress Peach inside a cage, where it mutates into a barnacle tangle- if you want to meet the creature, it might also feed on your face.'

Buy your tickets now for an unforgettable night of interactive immersive nursing, experimental performance and goth and alt tunes.

Head Nurse Cynth Icorn

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Specialist treatment with Nurse Aleera

Dear Patient 125, 

Step into the wards for your specialist treatment with Nurse Aleera For Psycho Ward, Fever Dream November 30th. She will be on hand to treat patients with her unique brand of domination. 

Classically trained in the exquisite art of domination and power exchange, Aleera has been involved in the fetish scene since 2012 as a Professional Dominant, Fetish Model, Performer, Photographer, Film Maker and more. 

Aleera finds no problem in guiding you down the rabbit hole. With a particular fondness for corporal punishment, Needle/ Medical play and electro torture. Into pain? Then be careful what you wish for.

Buy your tickets now.

Head Nurse Cynth Icorn

Friday, 9 November 2018

Bonnie Bakeneko Performance

Dear Patient 125,
We have assessed your tests and see you require urgent stimulation- step into Fever Dream with us on Friday November 30th and we will bring your hallucinations to life. Step into our operating theatre to witness the cutting edge in experimental cabaret. For this session's treatment we have the incredible Bonnie Bakeneko performing his act 'Alchemy'. His ground breaking work deals with themes like body horror and trauma processing to creative a visual representation that acts as a healing ritual. 'It’s about taking your sickness and turning it into something that works for you rather then against you.'

So buy your tickets now and don't miss out on this incredible performance and so much more medical mania.

Head Nurse Cynth Icorn

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Dj Kohl Audio beats specialist

Dear Patient 125,

Does your body ache from the drone of normality? Do you crave some stimulation? Step into our audio therapy with Dj Kohl specialist in goth, rock and industrial tunes. Dj Kolh brings this audio expertise from notorious institutions such  Resistanz Industrial Festival(11,14), Infest Festival(12,13), Slimelight, Club Antichrist, Boudoir Bizarre (NL), KOMA Festival (Norway), Cyberdog and Frantic (UK), Force (Finland), Club Ruoska (Finland), Bionic .

Buy your tickets now to get your cure on Friday April 27th.

Cynth Icorn
Head Nurse of Psycho Ward

Monday, 23 April 2018

Prizes for Sickest Ward Ware

Dear Patient 125,

Pull together your best ward ware for your resurrection and resuscitate your wardrobe because on Friday freaks win prizes! If you're deemed to have the sickest outfit Nurse Cynth Icorn will have a twisted prize for you.

Play with madness and get inspired!

Buy your tickets now for a night of insanity!

-Cynth Icorn
Head Nurse

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Dj Darkstar audio surgery

Dear Patient 125,

Do your limbs ache to stretch and for you to feel the impulsive beat of goth, rock and industrial tunes? DJ DARKSTAR will be running audio surgery and dark electro dance therapy for your deranged pleasure at Psycho Ward April 27th.

Come and step into the ward and our resident audio therapists will be bringing the best beats to move your feets!

Buy your tickets now and be healed!

Cynth Icorn 
Head Nurse

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

New medicinal cocktails

Dear Patient 125,

At Psycho Ward April 27th we will be opening up the medicine cabinet for you and letting you sample some of our new exciting formulas.

Come and get lost in the drugs lab and take your medicine. Our trained technicians will be hand mixing liquid medicine to cure your sickness.

 Get your diagnosis from one of our Nurses and head to the Pretox Lab for your cure (Cure may contain alcohol)!

Buy your tickets now

Cynth Icorn
Head Nurse