Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Surgical Steel by Foxglove

Dear Patient 125, 

You are invited to a surgical seminar- a dance by FoxGlove at Psycho Ward March 3rd.
FoxGlove will become the scalpel and using ballet to enact a surgical procedure. Under the knife, blood on metal, needles through skin, taught muscle and anaesthetised senses.

FoxGlove is an extra dimensional entity from another place. Where he comes from, the laws of physics are different and the only rules of morality are the ones created by the individuals who populate this mystical other universe. Magick and Science are lovers, not enemies. Warriors are honourable, beautiful and as creative as they are fierce. FoxGlove embodies this concepts and has journeyed to the human universe in order to share this innate knowledge in the hope that it will inspire creative thought, self-awareness and freedom of expression in all beings. Join us for the debut of this performance,

Head Nurse
Cynth Icorn

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