Monday, 20 June 2016

Audio Therapy- DJ Darkstar

Dear Paitent 125,

This is you appointment to the audio therapy unit at Psycho Ward July 2nd with DJ Darkstar.

DJ DARKSTAR is the occult, shape-shifting Prince of Darkness whose audio art is inspired by the grotesque, the violent and the chaotic.

Specializing with experimentation in the combining the elements of gothic; industrial; dark electro; aggrotech and EBM mixed with dubstep and DnB, Darkstar produces sounds and beats that will unleash the beast within the breast of all the lunatics within the asylum.

The Serpent spoke this unto me through gilded light and lunacy.

Taking up residence at Psycho Ward for the second time, DARKSTAR brings us a specially designed and mixed set, unique to the theme of the night, titled ‘Shattered Memories.'

Come close and feel the mania at Psycho Ward July 2nd- your cure is waiting. 

Head Nurse Cynth Icorn

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