Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Heleness Phonic Lab

Patient 125,

Get ready for your physio with Heleness's electrifying beats- Lets get freaky this Friday 13th and move your muscles in our abandoned wards!

Heleness is a DJ born of a mental breakthrough, bringing fierceness to the art of mixing music, with her tune selection and seamless versatility. Carefree and refreshingly gutsy, with enough energy to fuel a five-day bender, Heleness brings to you blistering, punchy breakbeats and DnB, tribally techno, hypnotic tech house, sleazily grinding electro, to more mellow deep house and tropical Afro and Balearic beats. Now surrounded by the wildest people in the city, Heleness has become a regular fixture in London's alternative scene, becoming the soundtrack to fun.

-Nurse Cynth Icorn

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