Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Clinic admittance

Dear Patient 125,

I am pleased to confirm your admittance to the Psycho Ward on October 9th- please be aware that the intensive therapy clinic will be open between 20.30 and 22.30. During these hours our nurses will be seeing individual patients for tests, diagnosis and treatment.

All treatment is a matter of trust- though the more you give yourself over to our progressive program the more you will get out of your induction to the Psycho Ward.

Be ready for group therapy but beware this is no sharing circle- the nurses have new experimental treatments on offer- Vacbeds, violet wands, restraint and vibrotherapy.

This surgery will focus on the treatment of Alcholism, Nymphomania, Insomnia, Perversity, Saint Vitus Dance and Insanity.
Do not miss your appointment- this therapy is vital.

Matron Cynth Icorn

Head of Psycho Ward

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