Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Specialist Nurse Vea Luz

Dear Patient 125,

We have a specialist nurse in the house for Psycho Ward next Friday. Vea Luz 
a.k.a Goddess Vea is a London based experienced professional Dominatrix, Model and Performer. She will be on hand between 8.30 and 10.30 providing specialist treatment for all your fevered fetishes.

Being a part of the fetish scene for over seven years, Vea Luz is now a prominent, well known figure and an advocate for the fetish movement with an exceptional reputation that precedes her.
She also thrives in other related areas as a Fetish Model and Alternative Performer 

Goddess Vea's eclectic method of Domination is first and foremost unique, but also undoubtedly seductive.
She will leave you mesmerised by her presence and charm and begging for more.

Come to Psycho Ward next week for your psychic surgery- your cure is waiting.

Cynth Icorn
Head Nurse

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